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Some publications from 2005 to 2010

Langenhorst F, Hornemann U. (2005) Shock experiments on minerals: Basic physics and techniques. In: Miletich R. (ed.): Mineral behaviour at extreme conditions, Eötvös University Press, Budapest, EMU Notes 7, Chapter 15, 357-387.

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Hopf J, Langenhorst F, Pollok K, Merten D, Kothe E. (2009): Influence of microorganisms on biotite dissolution: An experimental approach. Chemie der Erde 69, 45-56.

Seifert D, Töpfer J, Langenhorst F, Le Breton J-M, Chiron H, Lechevallier L. (2009): Synthesis and magnetic properties of La-substituted M-type Sr hexaferrites. J. Magn. Magn. Materials, 321(24), 4045-4051.